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As the two Asian giants. India and China realized the importance of surmounting barriers created by the quirks of history; a sudden realization took place that the people of two nations would stand to gain if we opened up our economies and established mutually beneficial trade and business relations. The leaders of both the countries resurrected the ancient trade relations when the traders from both the countries criss-crossed the mighty Himalayas, large rivers and dense forests and people could use each other's products and wares. Since the governmental regulations, political climate and international situation coupled with the complexity of modern business practices necessitate astute handling of trade activities, Late Mr. Murli Deora a visionary leader and economist par excellence, in a rare display of foresight & clairvoyance, mooted to his core group the idea to establish an organization which would act as a guide to those desirous of doing business with China.

Thus on 20th March 1990, India China Chamber of Commerce & Industry was born & on the request of Govt of India, Mr. Qian Qichen the then foreign Minister of China was specially flown to India to formally inaugurate the Chamber. Since then this journey has seen a remarkable progress. From the humble beginning of just about $2 billion in 2001, the trade volume has surged to more than $73 billion dollar in 2011 & this year in 2015 it is expected to touch the high of $100 billion. MEMORANDUM

Our vision

Societies are irreversibly becoming global as the constraints of geography on social and cultural arrangements recede and people sense an assimilation of civilisations. During the past two decades the rapid growth of internet has heightened the awareness and interdependence of nations. However it is also true that despite industrialization, modernization and globalization, the cultural differences still persist and people still stick to their traditional values. We envision a future in which our two nations come closer to each other and strengthen the business relations and complement each other's economy.

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Students of ICCCI with Consul General of China before proceeding to Beijing on Scholarship for learning Chinese for one year

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News Bulletin

Editorial Note

It is once again our pleasure to present to you the fresh edition of our News Bulletin.During the interregnum many important events have taken place. India China trade story is firmly in place and unfolding with tremendous speed in many dimensions.

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